Invest In The Cannabis Industry
A Fully Secured Cannabis Industry Investment For Opportunistic Investors

Industry Investment: An Overview

Eligible investors can invest in the Series A Fund through Green Fields Partners. The proceeds will be used to construct three 7,000 square foot eco-cultivation systems in Kendrick, Oklahoma, and one 8,000 square foot eco-cultivation system in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Series A Fund is a joint venture with Wealth Wave Holdings, LLC, a Green Nimbus Agricultural Technologies partner.

Green Nimbus Eco-Cultivation Technologies is to develop high-quality exotic cannabis varieties. Aside from Oklahoma and Nevada, Green Fields Partners has first refused on the future development of the Eco-Cultivation Systems in the next four states identified.

A ten-year agreement for 25% of the entire crop has been issued to Green Fields Partners (operational expenses and risks are being assumed by Green Nimbus Agricultural Technologies). Before Green Fields Partner contributes, the Series A Fund is structured so that the investor receives 100% of their original investment.

Series A Fund Offering

Investment Type Debt
Term 120 Months
Raise Amount $4,000,000
Targeted ROI 100% Return of Capital within first twelve months.
50% Annual Rate on Investment (ROI)

Invest In The Cannabis Industry

Investing in the Greenfield Cannabis Industry is a way to overcome the human limitations in medicine and the nutraceutical industry. The Greenfield Cannabis Industry allows your financial investment to grow at a profitable scale with a higher return on an annual basis. Greenfield Partners is a joint venture with a disruptive cannabis ecosystem that will generate extremely high risk-adjusted profits. More significantly, as they grow their footprint across various states, current investors will be able to participate in future opportunities.

Green Fields Partners has secured a ten year contract to receive 25% of the gross harvest (operational expenses and risks are being assumed by Green Nimbus Agricultural Technologies). The Series A Fund offering is structured so the investor will receive 100% of their original investment before any participation by Green Fields Partner. It is estimated that within the first twelve months the investor will receive back 100% of their original capital. Thereafter the investor will share equally (50%/50%) with Green Fields Partners in future harvest proceeds. Subsequently, it is anticipated on an annual basis that the investor will receive a minimum 50% internal rates of returns.
Green Nimbus Agricultural Technologies was founded by Dave Hatran. Mr. Hatran has a molecular biology and genetics degree from San Jose State University; MS from Stanford with emphasis in Biology, Plant Physiology and Medicine. Doug has been involved at the founding stages of Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (a publicly traded pharmaceutical company in South San Francisco; RIGL), Zytor Therapeutics (an enzyme replacement company acquired by BioMarin) and CV Ingenuity, Inc. (a medical device company acquired by Covidien/Medtronic/Royal Philips Medical). He has resurrected and filed patent on his High-Density Cultivation Technology, and has licensed it to Green Nimbus Agricultural Technologies Company for the cultivation, management, and sublicensing of Cannabis related business.

Green Nimbus Eco-Cultivation Technology

Mr. Hatran Eco-Cultivation Technology is a patent-pending vertical cultivation system that maintains absolute authority over the environmental requirements of the goods, from photon energy to relative moisture, airflow, temperature, hydration, and feed efficiency. The system uses a fraction of the energy required for traditional growing. The Transformative Agtech would be a better version of the futuristic cannabis industry’s growth.

While reducing the canopy footprints required for cannabis cultivation, this setup lets the plants fully collect all light energy (photons) as they grow vertically (this is NOT a shelved or stadium system), requiring less electricity. Water loss is reduced by recapturing vapers through dehumidification, sterilization, and recycling. They’ve grown cannabis with THC concentrations as high as 34% (total cannabinoids >35%) and high terpene content in the presence of extra CO2, minerals, and sunlight (the therapeutic and pleasure properties of cannabis). Over the last few years, Mr. Hatran has been perfecting the existing complementary ecology to cultivate very high grades of exotic cannabis. He has also created industry-recognized genetic breeds.

The operating system is a synergistic ecosystem built around the cultivation of plants within a controlled environment to eliminate “unknown” variables. Mr. Hatran is creating reliable cultivation methods to grow agricultural plants safely. There are zero unknowns, no soil grown in an enclosed and controlled environment, pesticide-free, and the elimination of any other unknown variables. In addition, Mr. Hatran’s technology provides for remote monitoring of all variables within the eco-cultivation system. This eco-cultivation system is designed to produce safe plants beyond cannabis.

These efficiencies are

  • The ability to grow far more plants per square foot with a vertical design system than with the equivalent standard grow systems is the ability to grow far more plants per square foot with a vertical design system.
  • The number of grow lights required to achieve comparable light coverage is greatly reduced compared to other standard grow systems. As a result, the average monthly kWh usage cost is lowered by 50%.
  • This reduces the number of people needed to manage and maintain the eco-cultivation system by 70%.
  • With this patent-pending technology, every variable of the enclosed Eco-Cultivation System will be remotely monitored and managed.
  • Exotic strains of excellent quality with strong THC and unique terpene characteristics are created.

Why Invest With Us?

  • There are a multitude of reasons why you should invest with Green Field Partners:
    • Participate in the Green Nimbus Eco-Cultivation System, which has been demonstrated to work.
    • The company has filed for patents in design, technology, and growth metric monitoring.
    • Exotic cannabis strains with high THC levels and distinct terpene traits are created.
    • Growing systems produce a far higher output per square foot than standard growing systems.
    • For high wholesale price support and a recurring income model, there are multiple distribution methods.
  • Green Fields Partners and the investor will enter into a ten-year contract in which the investor will get 25% of the gross harvest. Green Nimbus Agricultural Technologies Company is responsible for all operational costs and hazards.
  • Before Green Fields Partners’ involvement, the investor had the priority to earn a 100 percent return on their first investment. They will split 50 percent of the harvest 50 percent of the time.
  • The investor expects a minimum annual return of 50%. Payments to the investor will be made every 6 to 8 weeks, following the harvest maturation cycles.
  • The investor has the sole right to participate in developing the eco-cultivation systems in the next five states designated.

Risk Mitigates

The Series A Fund has been created to safeguard the investors and ensure that they get paid first.

The money from the investors will be placed in an escrow account and will not be released until each tranche is completed and ready for construction.

The money will be used to construct three 7,000 sq. ft. facilities in Kendrick, OK, and one 8,000 sq. ft. facility in Las Vegas, NV, including the build-out of each facility with the Eco-Cultivation technology as well as the first six months’ operations expenses. Buildings and eco-cultivation equipment protect the investment.

After the first harvest, Green Nimbus Eco-Cultivation will be liable for all ongoing running costs.

The investor will be given priority until they receive their entire investment back.

Exotic cannabis cultivars with high THC content will be cultivated. This will provide price support at the wholesale level with numerous distribution agreements.

Now is the time to invest.